April 14th

The Bold & Beautiful Roth Conversion Ladder
Mr. Clipping Chains  |  Clipping Chains

The Roth Conversion is the tried-and-true go-to method for accessing retirement money early. Is this complicated? Hell yeah, dude. It’s complicated. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, dude. It’s worth it.

The Debt Reduction Spreadsheet 2021
Kerry K. Taylor  |  Squawkfox

I have two free debt reduction spreadsheets, and both are easy to use. There’s the new one for 2021 with graphs, and there’s the original version. Both calculate your numbers and give you the big picture.

How Not To Lose Yourself in Retirement
FIRECracker  |  Millennial Revolution

No longer tethered to society, we could find ourselves alone, friendless, and trapped in a tornado of self-loathing. For those who are struggling, here are 3 things I’ve learned in retirement that might help.

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