April 19th

How I Make $10,000/mo Investing in Mobile Homes
Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

The cash flow strategy is similar to investing in single-family homes. You’re looking to buy a mobile home, get a tenant in, and operate on a positive cash flow. The main difference is that mobile homes cost a lot less.

Are ESG Funds Worth It?
Eryn Schultz  |  Her Personal Finance

ESG funds are a good option for anyone wanting to divest from fossil fuels or wanting their money out of companies which produce tobacco or guns and other weapons. However, they come at a cost.

How Often Should You Withdraw From Your Portfolio in Retirement? (Simulations)
Mr. The Poor Swiss  |  The Poor Swiss

There are basically two main strategies for withdrawing: #1. Sell enough shares at the beginning of the year to cover your expenses. #2. Sell enough shares at the beginning of each month to pay for your expenses. Which is better?

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