April 21st

How Much It’s Cost Us to Travel the World
Bonnie Truax  |  43BlueDoors

Since 2016 my husband and I have been nomads, traveling full-time. Even with the mishaps and unknowns of slow full-time travel, it is not nearly as expensive as we thought it would be.

Overcoming Procrastination With The Habit Rule of Half
Amy O.  |  Break The Twitch

You can apply the Habit Rule of Half to household projects, work assignments, taxes, budgeting, or researching something. It can be a more compassionate approach to making progress.

Are You Guilty of This Financial No-No?
Alexa Mason  |  Money Ning

If a person doesn’t want to change and hasn’t asked for your opinion, you’re not going to be able to help them no matter what you say. They’re not going to change until they are ready.

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