April 27th

How to Fight Back Against The Motherhood Penalty
GYM  |  Gen Y Money

The Motherhood Penalty is also called the Family Gap, or Motherhood Earnings Gap. It is when becoming a mother causes a negative effect on her wages. The more children you have, the more the wage gap widens.

A Piece of Early Retirement Advice
David Cox  |  I Retired Young

FIRE blogs often focus on the money side of the FIRE equation. But not many seem to talk about how your early retirement dreams might affect your partner, or how your partner’s plans can impact your early retirement.

The FIRE 529 – A Bonus Retirement Account?
David Graham, MD  |  FI Physician

If you are a Super-Saver and already maxing out all of your tax preferred space, look into a 529 as a bonus retirement account. Use it for your bond location, or other tax inefficient investments.

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