April 5th

How My Grandfather Saved Money
Jason Brown  |  Your Margin Matters

Each day, Grandpa would toss any loose bills or change into a can. When he had enough, he would seal it and hand the entire thing over to the land owner – purchasing one parcel at a time.

FIRE Lessons From the Jamaican Bobsled Team
Joel  |  Budgets Are Sexy

It doesn’t matter how fast you become a millionaire or what age you “retire,” it’s about doing what you want to do in life. It’s about the smile on your face.

People Smarter Than Us Know Things That We Don’t — And That’s Okay
Kevin  |  Financial Panther

The beauty of investing is you don’t have to be smart to do it well. You don’t even need to try to do better than most. Instead, you can accept that you don’t know that much and aim for average.

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