February 15th

The Joy of a Legacy Letter
Kathleen M. Rehl  |  Humble Dollar

A couple of times a year, I reread Mom’s legacy letter, written 14 years ago. Her wisdom and advice still speak to me today. How many times do you think I have revisited my mother’s legal will? Never.

Bimodal Spending: “Hell Yes!” or “No”
Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

I don’t want to spend money (a.k.a. my time) on average stuff. I’ll pay for the necessities. And after that, I want my spending to make me say, “Hell yes!”

SITCOM — Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
Craig  |  Retire Before Dad

Taking on an oversized mortgage in your 20s or 30s is tough, but at least you have time to build your income and pay it off… Upsizing a mortgage later in life runs the risk of prolonging a career.

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