February 4th

The Magical Money-Saving Sweater
Kalie & Neil  |  Pretend To Be Poor

Most wives would probably sneak this abomination into the garbage, but this sweater saves us tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s staying.

7 Creative Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money
Chonce  |  Everything Finance

I’ve heard of some parents even printing out ‘job applications’ for different household tasks and projects and sticking them on the fridge. That way ‘kids’ could apply to a job that interests them and get paid a certain amount after…

Fighting The Financial Independence Demons
The Accumulator  |  Monevator

Hopefully your financial independence demons are infrequent guests, but we wouldn’t be human if they didn’t dine on our brains every so often. I hope this post gives you some fresh meat with which to distract them.

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