January 26th

What I Learned From Divorce at 30
The Woke Salaryman  |  The Woke Salaryman

I relied on my husband to make all the financial decisions and treated him as the provider of the family. It would come back to haunt me.

Ambitious Minimalism: How Owning Less Frees Us to Achieve More
Jay Harrington  |  Becoming Minimalist

We make less money than we used to, but have learned that we need far less to sustain us. That realization has been incredibly liberating, and has emboldened us to try things we never would have imagined…

15 Things I Wish I’d Been Told Starting Out As a Teacher
Ed  |  Educator FI

I want all educators to be in control of their financial lives so good people stay in public education. These 15 things will help you enjoy your career and build a quicker path to financial independence.

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