June 10th

How To Do a Savings Competition With Your Friends
Jenny Smedra  |  Engineer Your Finances

My friends and I have always preferred making the losers perform tasks like washing cars or making dinner. For others, bragging rights are enough to commemorate winning a savings competition with your friends.

Why I Changed My Views on Giving to the Needy
Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

When we see someone in need, we want our first thought to be, “how can I help?” not “what did you do wrong?”

12 Life Lessons From 4 People Who Have Nothing in Common
Kalen Bruce  |  Freedom Sprout

These are the people who taught me the lessons: a millionaire farmer friend of mine, a retired Army colonel, my old boss when I worked in construction, and a man from Nazareth who I met in Denver.

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