June 17th

The Pitfalls of Experience
Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

The fundamental tenet to keep in mind is that when it comes to money, no one is stupid. More often than not, people are simply playing different games.

Why I Track My Spending
Occam  |  Occam Investing

I prefer to track my spending, rather than creating limits through a budget. There’s no judgement, no penalty for overspending. It simply gives you the information, and allows you to make your own decisions on what you want to do.

Enjoying Life Outside the FI Community
Katie Camel  |  Along The Camel Ride

If I’m no longer in a hurry to retire, then I’m no longer in a position to work every extra shift possible. Instead, I get to relax instead of burnout. It’s a great change!

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