March 11th

The Price Isn’t Right: 7 Ways We Misprice Purchases
Financing Future You  |  Data Driven Investor

Your willingness to pay should come from the personal value of the purchase and your opportunity cost, not from the listed price. Do not invite marketers to value purchases for you.

Is Investing a Zero-Sum Game?
Occam  |  Occam Investing

The market creates wealth, which means that unlike in traditional zero-sum games where the amount of money being allocated between participants is fixed, the fact that markets rise over time means that wealth is being generated for all participants.

How I Paid Off Half My $50,000 Debt in Under a Year (It’s Probably Not What You Think)
Amanda Kay  |  My Life, I Guess

The goal of most personal finance websites is to provide the best financial advice they can, right? So why isn’t this financial management tool included as a viable option for those that are struggling?

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