March 12th

Any Interest?
Kenyon Sayler  |  Humble Dollar

Many brick-and-mortar banks are paying one tenth that amount. Meanwhile, Series I savings bonds (don’t roll your eyes) are currently offering 1.68%. That’s an extra $118 in annual interest on a $10,000 emergency fund.

Lessons From the Mulch Pile — How to Save Money and Build Community Along the Way
Matt Bell  |  Matt About Money

Have you ever walked through your neighborhood on a warm day and looked inside other people’s garages? Don’t the contents look familiar? Couldn’t we do a better job of sharing?

20 of The Funniest Yard Sale Signs
Robert Stephenson  |  Flea Market Flipper

One thing that is crucial for getting people to any yard sale is having good signage. We do a decent job with large and bright signs for our sales – but it’s nothing as creative as these awesome signs!

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