March 15th

Make Fewer Things Matter
Harry Sit  |  The Finance Buff

Making fewer things matter helps you zero in on things that really matter. It also helps you ward off FOMO and sales pitches. FOMO and sales pitches always try to grab your attention by saying you’re making a mistake.

Are You Worth More Than You’ve Earned in Your Lifetime?
Joe Udo  |  Retire by 40

Have you ever wondered how much money you earned over the years? I was thinking about this and came up with a natural follow-up question. Are we worth more than what we earned?

Everyone is Using The 4% Rule Wrong
Dr. Cory S. Fawcett  |  Financial Success MD

Nearly every time I see this rule used to reverse engineer the amount one needs to save for retirement, the calculation is done incorrectly. Because of this miscalculation, the amount of money that needs to be saved is underestimated.

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