March 19th

{ in·deed·a·bly }  |  { in·deed·a·bly }

After being so comically bad at predicting my own future, what makes me think the decumulation plans I put in place today for future me in 10, 20, and 30 years time will fare any better?

15 Ways To Stop Buying Crap You Don’t Need
Athena Lent  |  Clever Girl Finance

Did you know you could save $10,000 over a year with only $27.39 a day? No? I didn’t either. When I first saw this circling around Instagram, I laughed. It made saving that amount of money seems so easy.

Stop Listening to Grandma… and Everyone Else
Beks  |  Blogging Away Debt

Life isn’t perfect and that’s OK. For those who are in the same boat, I feel ya. We’ll get through this. Power through. Stop trying to impress grandma (or whoever is the ‘grandma’ in your life). Stay the course.

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