March 1st

The Stoic Path to Wealth
Darius Foroux  |

In my experience, investing is 9% theory, 1% execution, and 90% managing your emotions. That’s why I’ve been applying the philosophy of Stoicism to my investing strategy – it helps me to manage the most important part: emotions.

How I Get Paid to Drink Coffee! (My Side Hustle with Airbnb Experiences)
Martin Dasko  |  Studenomics

Everything that we discuss on here is about making more money and living a better life. The goal is to find a way to make money from your passions/interests.

The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating Your Salary
The Luxe Strategist  |  The Luxe Strategist

Negotiating your initial offer is the easiest way to make more money. Here’s why: It’s one of the few times you have leverage over your company.

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