March 24th

Lacking That Cash Flow
FraidyCat  |  FraidyCat Finance

I try not to steal from my generosity in order to feed my luxury… It’d be too easy to drop our giving rate just to get other “wants” in life.

Birth Dividends and a Lifetime Learning of Ownership
TPM  |  Turning Point Money

A birth dividend is an investment made for a newborn child when they are born. With a birth dividend, in theory, society makes a small investment on the child’s behalf. The money is invested and untouchable for decades.

Acts of Love: Where Is Your Money?
Alacias Enger  |  Sense with Cents

I of all people enjoy the game of money, and that’s a beautiful thing. But let’s not forget, our money is here to support our life experiences, and those life experiences are meant to support our relationships.

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