March 2nd

Engen’s Annual Letter To Householders
Robb Engen  |  Boomer And Echo

Inspired by the folksy wisdom in Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire shareholders, I decided to write my own letter. I don’t have any shareholders so this letter is written to my family, or my householders.

The Snowblower Method of Paying Off Debt
Casper du Toit  |  xUSD

The debt snowblower method proposes that you pay off revolving debt first, followed by installment debt – from the lowest balance to the highest. It’s a hybrid between the debt snowball and debt avalanche methods.

From Frugal To F*ck It: The Evolution of My Thoughts on Spending Money
Purple  |  A Purple Life

I always assumed that my thoughts on spending money would remain stagnant, like my thoughts on marriage or having kids. However, it turns out that my view of spending has evolved almost as much as my thoughts on time.

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