March 8th

Money = Stored Energy
The Investor  |  Monevator

I think of money as stored energy. You work, beg, borrow, steal, or otherwise obtain money. You put it aside – store it. Later you discharge the power and make something happen.

How to Increase Your Salary & Advocate For Yourself at Work
Danielle Desir  |  Thought Card

Keep a ‘win’ file – it’s much easier to go back and look at the things you’ve accomplished over the year if you have them all written down in one place.

Internalized Sexism & Women’s Finances: How Misogyny Messes With My Money
Elyssa Kirkham  |  Brave Saver

What is this internal force pushing women to conform to, rebel against, or consider gender norms at all when we decide how to live our lives? Or when we’re making career moves, financial decisions, or managing our money day-to-day?

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