May 13th

{ in·deed·a·bly }  |  { in·deed·a·bly }

Just when I thought she was calming down, she drained her glass and went for the knock-out blow. It would be fair to say I hadn’t seen that coming.

Life in 2040
FI Guy & Fi Girl  |  FI Heroes

Every four years, the National Intelligence Agency puts together a lengthy report that makes various predictions twenty years out. A series of bets being made by experts in various fields and consolidated into one document.

What Can Your Crappy Little Elf Do For You?
Impersonal Finances  |  Impersonal Finances

Do you have an activity that you’ve been putting off? Writing? Investing? Getting in shape? Building a relationship? Whatever it is, the best advice is to just start doing it. And start doing it very poorly.

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