May 19th

10 Things You Shouldn’t Care About as an Investor
Ben Carlson  |  A Wealth of Common Sense

You know, if you would have put $10k into [something that’s up 10,000%] you would be fabulously wealthy. Oh really, thanks for that. Very helpful. Maybe next time tell me beforehand.

Why You Need an “Abundance Tracker”
Donna Freedman  |  Surviving and Thriving

Whenever articles on inflation/hyperinflation ramp up my heart rate, I’ve been combating those fears by focusing on what I have. Our life is quiet, but sublimely rich.

Forget About Raising The Roof. Raise the Floor!
Xrayvsn  |  XRAYVSN

All of us are the general managers of our own financial home team, and we are tasked with filling the team with various assets that allow us to win a championship. AKA a golden retirement.

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