May 25th

Why I Don’t Have A FI Number Anymore
Kevin  |  Financial Panther

We don’t have to wait around to hit the magic FI number before we go do the things we want to do. Instead, we can figure out what we want now and create a life that lets us do that.

Coffee Chats: How We Maintain a 50% Savings Rate
Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

Once a month or so my wife and I have a money meeting. On any given Saturday morning, we’ll make our way downstairs, cat burglar-like, to the kitchen to plot our escape from the workforce.

Imagine The World Without Financial Media
Elliott Appel  |  I Talk About Money

It’s enjoyable to think about a year with more meaningful content, more experts from a variety of fields, and a shift to thinking about how actions today impact people 10 years from now – not 10 days from now.

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