Jobs at All-Star Money


Audio and Video Curators

The Motley Fool is looking for two people to join All-Star Money in smaller “contributor” roles as we build out our curation team to expand into other mediums. Right now we are reviewing 100-200 blog articles each morning for the daily curation of written content, and we’re planning to add in monthly curation of audio and video content as well.

We’re looking for avid consumers of personal finance, specifically in non-written forms . . . so if you listen to PF podcasts on your commute each day, or endlessly scroll PF TikTok in bed at night, then you’re in luck! We’ll be bringing on one person for each area.

For our audio contributor, the focus is on podcasts, and we’d also like to monitor Clubhouse, Discord, and any other places where active discussion is taking place.

For our video contributor, the focus is on YouTube, and we’d also like to monitor Twitch, TikTok, and Snapchat.

We’ll give a test assignment to evaluate the first batch of candidates, and then work out a compensation agreement with the two people chosen going forward.

Please send us a note with your interest, along with any resume/portfolio/references you want to include, to “[email protected].” Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you!

– Nate & Jay