Your Net Worth (In Pictures)

Finance bloggers often share net worth updates on their sites, but we thought it would be fun for the rest of us to share our statuses as well… with a twist.

We don’t want to know your actual net worth number – we want to know how it makes you feel. Because at the end of the day it’s not about whether your bank account has seven zeroes after it, but whether the number in there makes you feel good about where you are (or maybe it doesn’t, which would be motivation to start working on it!).

So jump in and join us with a fun little game we like to call “Tell me your net worth without telling me your net worth” 😆

All you have to do is send us a pic that describes how you feel about your net worth overall. And then title it in three words or less to give it a little context, and that’s it! Just make sure it’s an image you took or created yourself (or it comes from a royalty-free image site).

Other than that, it’s wide open to be as creative as you want! Submit it on over!

Here are some of the pics the All-Star Money staff did. It looks like half the team is doing just fine – look at all that peace and mastery over their lives! Must be nice . . .

At Peace Stealth Wealth

As for the other half? Well, maybe one day Nate will invite Jay over for a few crumbs of stale bread and they can discuss . . .

Well, $h*t Drawer of Disappointment

Show us how you’re feeling and submit your creations below 👇

[Send them over by Sunday, September 5th.]

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