1-Up Challenge: Dollar Bill

Let’s play a little game this week and have some fun beating Jay! See if you can 1-up this image above and make it better somehow…

There are only two rules:

1) You have to create the picture yourself, or be in it yourself (no using web images)
2) There has to be a dollar bill in it

Other than that, it’s wide open to be as creative as you want! We’ll make our pick for best in show after all submissions are in, and along the way we’ll showcase some of our favorites on our social media channels and in the newsletter.

The winner gets a Motley Fool prize package, along with THE VERY DOLLAR YOU SEE HERE, SIGNED BY JAY HIMSELF*

(*unless the Smithsonian asks for it first)

To get us started, some of the All-Star Money staff did their own versions:

Let’s see what you can do! Submit your creations below 👇

[Deadline for entries is Wednesday, August 25th. You can submit entries on this page or by replying to any of our social media posts. See official rules here.]

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.