Bonus Bits – Week of 01/03/22

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👉 Goals change, values rarely do

I’ve been looking into values-based planning and I think there is something in this. Goals themselves can be fleeting. There are bodies of research out that show that we as humans aren’t particularly good at predicting what we actually want. Although it’s quite rare for people to change their values. Your goal may be to lose weight but your values are that you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Your goal may be to reduce your hours, but your values are you want your family to be the centre of your life. Interesting to think about when setting objectives!

👉 New Event: Financial Independence Retreat Europe 2022

The FI Europe Retreat is THE place for the Financial Independence Community in Europe. It’s for people who are already working towards Financial Independence or the ones who already are and want to work on their post FI path. 

Imagine a mix of conference, vacation, hands on projects, coaching and think tank in one trip. Expect motivation, information, inspiration and aspiration.

Topics covered will be:

  • Business & Freelancing
  • ETFs & Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • New asset classes like crypto, defi, NFT, private equity, etc…
  • Geo arbitrage
  • Discovering
  • Tax optimization
  • Minimalism & Stoicism
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Discovering Spanish culture

The Financial Independence Europe Retreat 2022 will take place 50km from Valencia, Spain, in a private estate of 130 hectares, surrounded by orange orchards and lush pine forests.  During this retreat, we’ll spend four days and four nights together in a lovely, big villa in the countryside.

Date: From 20th to 24th May. The retreat will begin on Friday at noon and will conclude on Tuesday by 10:00 am.

More Info: Financial Independence Retreat Europe 2022

👉 Trending in the community:

A thought experiment by Saving Ninja: “You’ve decided that you no longer want to save any of your income toward FIRE each month. Instead, you’re going to spend it. How would you use your new disposable income?”

Some answers by bloggers so far:

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