Bonus Bits – Week of 01/10/22

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👉 Holiday #GivingCards Results!


Hey guys! Last month for the holiday season we wanted to do a little philanthropy project, so we created a bunch of All-Star Money $25 gift cards. But instead of using them ourselves, we gave them out to all of you to see what you would do with them!

A bunch of people from our ASM community signed up to grab a #GivingCard, and you can find a sampling of summaries and pictures from it all here: Holiday #GivingCards Results

Enjoy 🙂

👉 2022 Tax Facts:


👉 Did you know that…

One single candle can light 1000 other candles, without shortening its own life? Well, it’s the same with sharing happiness… One single happy person can light up the lives of 1000 other people, without decreasing their own happiness supply. So this is my challenge for you in 2022: Share your happiness flame with 1000 other people this year.

👉 New Book Coming Out: “Not a Financial Unicorn” by Michelle Jackson

I’m excited to tell you about my first personal finance book “Not a Financial Unicorn” which is available for pre-order now. If you’re looking for inspiration, validation and ideas on how to better your financial life, “Not a Financial Unicorn” has been written with the other 92% of us in mind. 

If you’re investing $1 a week, this book is for you. If you’re doubting if you should continue your painfully slow debt freedom journey-this book is for you. If you’re wanting to make more money and it feels like it’s taking forever to reach that goal-this book is for you.

Not a Financial Unicorn is a book that celebrates the slow process, the unsexy financial stories that eventually become sexy over time. The goal is to encourage those of you who feel like your process to better your finances won’t be good enough.

I’m here to tell you that it will be. If you’re looking to pay off debt, earn more money or just trying to stay motivated-Not a Financial Unicorn is the book for you.

More on Amazon: Not a Financial Unicorn

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