Bonus Bits – Week of 01/17/22

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👉 The “Pay For Your Mistakes” Challenge

We all make mistakes with our money, right? With this challenge, you’ll quite literally pay for it. Anytime you feel that you’ve purchased something you didn’t need or did something with your money that might not have been the best, “punish” yourself by setting aside a fixed amount of money to pay for that mistake.

👉 New Journal on The Scene:

Maximum Gratitude Journal

It’s here, and available to purchase on Amazon! My newest book/journal, Maximum Gratitude: Find Happiness and Contentment through the Habit of Giving Thanks is finally ready for you.

Maximum Gratitude is a book you will personalize. Each of you will become my co-author! Of course you can use any journal as a gratitude journal, but this one contains my carefully crafted ideas, insights, anecdotes, and how-tos, plus great quotes and pictures.

Actually part journal and part inspirational handbook, Maximum Gratitude begins with a 30-day Gratitude Challenge to jump start a new lifestyle. Next are twelve thoughtful essays interspersed with pages which you will fill with your own expressions of gratitude – enough for an entire year. You will develop and hone a thankful mindset while constructing a storehouse of memories and observations you can turn to again and again.

Learn more:

👉 Lose the What if.

Be someone without a future. Look at your life right now, your furniture, your clothes, your things. Look at the nature of your attachment to them. Without the future you’ve been imagining, what can you let go of? What can you give away? If you really do this, even for the next ten minutes, it could lighten your load by a lot. When we really get that the moment we’re in is the only one we’ll ever have, a spaciousness opens up, a sense of deep breathing, clear sight.

👉 PSA: Return Your Unwanted Stuff!

Stores have return policies because, oddly, they help the store. While only a minority of customers take advantage of returns, having the option to return items helps them sell more items. Be the person who takes them up on the offer to spend your money more wisely! The longer you own something the more it starts to feel like yours. This is called “the endowment effect.” If you buy something and take it home, you are more likely to keep it than if you had been able to say no in the store. Practice keeping yourself emotionally distant from new purchases by cultivating a healthy relationship with returns. Look at new items with a side eye and think, “Do I really want you here?”

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