Bonus Bits – Week of 01/24/22

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👉 “Social Security Made Simple” Now Revised for 2022

Mike Piper updated his popular book for 2022: Social Security Made Simple: Social Security Retirement Benefits and Related Planning Topics Explained in 100 Pages or Less

Topics covered are:

  • How your Social Security retirement benefits, spousal benefits, and widow/widower benefits are calculated
  • How your benefits are affected if you have a government pension or if you continue working while claiming Social Security
  • How to decide when is the best age for you (and your spouse, if you’re married) to claim Social Security in order to get the most out of your benefits
  • Whether or not it makes sense to take Social Security early in order to invest the money
  • How to check your earnings record on the Social Security Administration’s website to make sure you’re getting the full benefit you deserve
  • How Social Security benefits are taxed and how this affects retirement tax planning

Please note that this book does not cover Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

More via Oblivious Investor: Social Security Made Simple

👉 New book on the scene: “Messy Minimalism” by Rachelle Crawford

Messy Minimalism is a fun, light, and inspiring read, full of grace and humor. It makes minimalism doable regardless of your season of life or your natural inclination toward messiness.

If you’re sick of the clutter, but not quite sure “minimalism” as you know it is for you, you’re probably right. Minimalism as you know it, probably isn’t for you. It wasn’t for me either.  Because of that, Messy Minimalism was born. It frees you up to embrace the mess, live with less and create an imperfectly perfect home for you.

Learn more:

👉 Some wild stats:

  • The U.S. is home to 3% of the world’s children but consumes 40% of the world’s toys
  • In 2018, the U.S. had 46 million more vehicles than we had licensed drivers
  • Since 1970, U.S. trends have been toward bigger and bigger houses for smaller families.
  • The U.S. population is 60% higher than it was in 1970, but consumer spending (adjusted for inflation) is up 400%.

👉 Free donuts for those who give blood this week:

free donuts - give blood

With the nation facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade, Krispy Kreme wanted to find a way to show our support for those willing to roll up a sleeve and give blood during January, National Blood Donor Month. 

Here’s how it works: Give blood any time between 1/24 – 1/31, then stop by your local Krispy Kreme for your free Original Glazed® dozen.  Just show your proof of donation and date via your donor band or sticker, or flash your donor app. 

Click Here to learn more about the American Red Cross and to find your closest donation site.

Learn more about the giveaway:

Hat tip:

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