Bonus Bits – Week of 02/07/22

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👉 Term of The Day: The CANSLIM Investing Strategy

CANSLIM is an investing strategy created by William J. O’Neil of Investor’s Business Daily. It relies on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis methods to assist investors in choosing the best potential stocks.

The letters in CANSLIM represent these criteria:

  • C: Current quarterly earnings per share increasing
  • A: Annual earnings increasing
  • N: New products or services
  • S: Small capitalization and strong market demand
  • L: Leader or Laggard — Look for industry leaders
  • I: Institutional ownership
  • M: Market direction

Based on these criteria, CANSLIM investors are poised to find stocks with short- to mid-term growth potential. It’s a bullish strategy where investors try to find and buy high-growth stocks before the majority of institutions buy shares, driving up demand and price.

👉 Odd investment idea: typewriters

According to Weekly View, typewriters have been trending as a hot collectible and will continue to do so in 2022. In particular, you want to look for typewriters from the 1950s and 1960s. Think Kerouac on the road. If you can find those in rare colors like turquoise or pink, then their value is significantly higher. Look for the brand names Olympia, Royal, Smith Corona, and Underwood. And, as with anything you collect, condition matters so check to make sure that the keys don’t stick and that there aren’t any obvious dings on the device.

👉 New charity app on the scene:

If you’re looking for an app like Acorns, but for giving money away, check out the RoundUp App. It donates the “rounded up” change from your everyday purchases to a nonprofit changing the world.

How it works:

  1. Sign Up: Choose a nonprofit to support and connect your credit or debit card(s).
  2. Spend Like Normal: The app will automatically track purchases made with your linked account.
  3. Donate!: At the end of each month, your “RoundUps” are totaled and the sum is donated to your nonprofit.

Learn more here:

(Hat tip:

👉 Can’t Say No to Single Use Plastic? Start Making Ecobricks.

Ecobricks are a way to divert plastic from the landfill and stop it from entering the environment and causing harm. They also act as building blocks (hence the name).

To make an ecobrick you’ll need an empty plastic bottle, a long stick and a good pair of kitchen scissors. Gather your plastics and cut them up into small pieces. Then pack them in tightly in order to achieve the density required. Cutting the plastic up before putting it into your plastic bottle makes this easier to do. Feed the small pieces of plastic into the bottle and use the stick every so often to push them down. Don’t stop until your bottle is rock hard and full to the very top. This will take a lot longer than you think. You’ll actually be amazed by just how much single use plastic you can squeeze into a single bottle.

Once made, there are plenty of creative ways to use ecobricks at home. You could build a garden with them, turn them into functional projects such as walls and infrastructures, and/or make furniture with them. GEA has an entire section on their website that walks you through everything you need to know to build with ecobricks. You can also keep it simple and just use them in your garden as flower bed edges.

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