Bonus Bits – Week of 12/13/21

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👉  Introducing The All-Star Money Directory:

Our new directory lists all the publications and creators we’ve featured on All-Star Money, sorted by the number of times their work has appeared here. You’re also able to sort by any of the other category headings as well, with future options coming soon. By clicking on any site or author name you’ll find every piece we’ve highlighted from them over the year, which is the best of the best after sorting through tens of thousands of articles!

So poke around, check it out, and perhaps you’ll come across a new site or two to start following 🙂 You can find it here: allstarmoney/directory

(If you’re a content creator and don’t see yourself on this list, make sure we’re following your stuff by submitting it here! And if you are on the list, be sure to submit the rest of your data so we have it for our next expansion! You can fill out this quick form here.)

👉 Term of the day: Zero-Based Budgeting

Zero-based budgeting is taking all of your money and putting it towards expenditures, savings, and debt. At the end of the month, your income and expenses should equal out to zero.

This is not a budget like Dave Ramsey’s Budget percentages that breaks everything down, this is a budget that allows you to give your money a job. At the end of the month, everything should equal zero. It is like the cash envelope system where you separate your money into different envelopes, and no longer spend for that category when that money is gone.

One of the most significant differences between Zero-Based Budgeting and Traditional Budgeting is that you live off last month’s income. You know how much money you made last month, and that is the amount of money you have to use for the next month.

👉 Weather Wednesdays Savings Challenge

Weather Wednesdays is a savings challenge where for the whole year, you save as much as the high temperature in your city each Wednesday. This worked great as a millennial homeowner living in Phoenix, especially in the summer, when temperatures ranged from 100-115+ degrees!  Now that I live in Washington state, I know the savings challenge might not be as hard as Phoenix in August, but it’s still a fun way to incorporate more savings into my life. A high of 85 degrees in the summer might be a lot easier for my wallet than 99+ and up, but every little bit helps when you’re trying to save more.

👉 New book coming out soon: “Financial First Aid” by Alyssa Davies

Financial First Aid is a practical guide for handling life’s financial emergencies for the cash-strapped, the meticulous budgeter, and everyone in between. 

This handy and accessible reference from Alyssa Davies, founder of the popular finance blog Mixed Up Money, is here to help you navigate life’s financial ups and downs with a judgment-free approach. 

It offers actionable advice for different types of emergencies, short- and long-term solutions, resources, and tips from well-known financial experts who have been there before. You’ll find scripts for negotiating payments for large bills, and learn how to revise a budget if you need to care for a loved one who is sick, recognize financial abuse, and much more. 

Financial First Aid: Essential Tools for Confident, Secure Money Management

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