Holiday #GivingCards Results

Hey guys! Last month for the holiday season we wanted to do a little philanthropy project, so we created a bunch of All-Star Money $25 gift cards. But instead of using them ourselves, we gave them out to all of you to see what you would do with them!

A bunch of people from our ASM community signed up to grab a #GivingCard, and below you’ll find a sampling of summaries and pictures from how folks went out to put a little more good into their world. Enjoy 🙂



I bought several copies of the 3 cups by Tony Townsley and 12 white ceramic mugs. I chose some adorable 6 year olds-and met separately with each of them. I read the book to each of them -and then created a great dialogue about giving… Spending… And saving. I put cash into each mug to get them started-(3-$1 dollar bills … 3-$2 dollar bills … 3-$5 dollar bills). It was a fabulous experience… And their families truly appreciated the great adventure that was beginning with the 3 cups.💕



I was so excited to get the #givingcard!! I had already chosen a child in my community to sponsor and bought him a whole bunch of presents for Christmas (on my own, unrelated to the giving card) and my hope was to use the giving card to give to his mom, so she could use it for groceries or whatever she may need but it turned out that giving to the parents was against the rules. Then I learned of a gift and grocery card drive right in my community that gives gift and grocery bundles to families who are in need. I was so excited to use this card to buy a grocery gift card and know that it was a store local in my town, easy to access by walking or public transportation just in case the recipient does not drive and I loved knowing it was going to someone in my town who needs it.

I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside the high school (that’s where the drive was held) but I took a picture of the gift card and of me holding it up! 🙂 Thank you for spreading this joy and for trusting total strangers to do a good thing. It was such a fun and special experience.



Thanks again for the Giving Card! I was able to go out this weekend and purchase groceries for our community fridge. Unfortunately, as many people are already aware, inflation and supply chain issues meant my money didn’t stretch as far as before. But I was able to get some much needed fresh produce and dairy items that are often hard for families on limited budgets to get. (You might be wondering about the pineapple in Boston in December, but it was on sale for a dollar!) Plus, my local grocery store had a great sale on brownie mixes so I bought some of those as well for treats. And the timing couldn’t have been better. The contents of the fridge were pretty minimal when I delivered these, so it was great to stock it up for the next person that needs a little help.

Thanks for helping make this possible! I know there are many people who use the community fridge on an as needed basis and give back when they can. It’s a true community effort that is neighbor helping neighbor.



‘Twas the week before Christmas
When a special delivery arrived

A card of possibilities, hope, and good cheer
Exactly what we need this time of year

The card’s journey continued beyond our four walls
Onwards, upwards, to a different set of halls

To a place brimming with furry hope
Where residents rarely have time to mope

The card couldn’t meet the needs for all
But gave some relief for the big and small

The card was happy to be well spent
Because being with friends is worth every cent

May the holiday mead be ever in your favor!



Our church has a Blessing Box – it’s a small cabinet near the church that we fill with non-perishable food year-round and hats and gloves in the winter. Anyone who needs may take from it, with no strings attached, no questions asked. We (my 17-year-old son, my 12-year-old son and I) used the Giving Card to purchase food for the Blessing Box from the local-owned grocery store in our town. The kids picked out items that would be part of a holiday dinner. We wanted to provide a holiday dinner to someone who might not otherwise get one.

The best part came when we went to fill the Blessing Box. As we pulled up, a couple had just checked the Blessing Box. As often happens, it was nearly empty – there is such a great demand that food disappears quickly. I talked with them, and they had been off work due to COVID, so money was tight. We were able to give them everything for a Christmas dinner except the meat: mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, canned yams, green beans, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, and even hot chocolate to warm up on that bitterly cold day. They were so appreciative. Even after that, we still had food left over to put in the Blessing Box for others. We filled it around noon on Saturday, and by Sunday morning, everything that we had put in was gone. As a single mother, I have known how hard it is to be facing a holiday with few resources. Thank you for helping make Christmas a little brighter for those who need it.



Thank you so much for the #GivingCard opportunity. I am a Youth Specialist and thanks to you, I was able to take my client out two times for some epic fun days.

One day, we went to see “Spiderman- No Way Home.” We enjoyed snacking on the snacks and watching the movie.

Another day, we hit the roller rink and tried our best not to fall on our skates.



I live in Chicago but went back to my hometown (Wales, Michigan) for Christmas and used my Giving Card while I was there. I surprised my grandfather with a charcuterie tray for him and his friends at the local hotspot, my uncle’s car repair shop. Locals trickle in throughout the morning and usually have coffee or sweets together.

I’ve attached a few pictures here of the shop and my grandfather. It was a great reason to spend the morning with my grandpa and see some of his longtime friends. They loved the snacks! Thanks so much for the Giving Card.



I used the $25 gift card you sent to me, added another $15 from my own pocket, and purchased one dozen Christmas decorated cupcakes for the disabled adults at The Learning Center, in Chino Valley, AZ. I tried to send you a picture from their Facebook page, but I am totally inept at technology, and can’t figure out how to do it.

I picked the cupcakes up from the bakery in Prescott Valley and hand-delivered them Friday afternoon, December 16th, to their Christmas party / gift exchange.

The Learning Center is a non-profit organization, and has a Facebook page, where you can see pictures of all the activities they have participated in. Thank you so much for assisting me (aka prompting me!) to do something for this great group of people.

Happy New Year, All Star Money!





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