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Send This Article to Anyone Who Says Renting Is a Waste

Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

I think there’s a lot of vitriol thrown at renters. But whether renting or housing makes better financial sense depends on so many individual factors that no one can know but you.

Financial Infidelity: Should Women Cheat to Avoid Being Cheated On?

Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

As unromantic as lawyers are portrayed, a lot of what we do is balance protecting oneself with maintaining good relationships. And if a financial advisor tells you to keep secrets from your relationship, they don’t understand the importance of relationships.

How Going Zero Waste Can Save Your Life (and A Lot of Money)

Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

Though it is a very simple idea – create less waste – over time I realized that living this way had ripple effects leading to a sea change in my perspective on so many things.

The Easy Hack I Use to Make Failure Fun

Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

My trick to handle rejection is to think of my journey as if it were a football game. For example, I apply for three jobs in three days and then, I give myself a breather. I punt it away.

What I Learned After Decluttering 300+ Items

Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

Too many of my purchases were “I really wanted that but this is good enough.” Not anymore. It’s what I want or nothing. And for many causes, I really do hope it’s nothing.

Why I Changed My Views on Giving to the Needy

Lisa  |  A Lawyer and Her Money

When we see someone in need, we want our first thought to be, “how can I help?” not “what did you do wrong?”