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Getting Rich With Asymmetric Money Moves

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

Asymmetric wealth creation is a powerful way to grow your earnings, increase your investment returns, and improve your life more generally. The best thing about it is that it’s also very easy to incorporate into your decision-making.

A Better Way To FIRE

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

No, you can’t retire yet. But thanks to all your hard work, that dream life of yours may be much closer than you thought.

20 Personal Finance Charts To Help You Build Wealth In 2022

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

You don’t have to do everything at once. Instead, focus on getting just 1% better – but do that every single day. If you manage that, 2022 will be your best year yet.

All The Money In The World

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

The classic tragedy of personal finance is when people put off investing because retirement seems too far away. But there’s another, equally tragic scenario – when people put off living because death seems too far away.

The Most Important Chart In Investing

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

Having just turned 40, it’s sobering to think that whatever I do from here onwards will have an ever-declining impact versus the contributions I have already made.

An Investor’s Deep Dive On Ether and Ethereum

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

I am convinced that crypto and blockchain technology will drive an absolutely seismic shift in how we live and do business. The hard part, however, is figuring out how to monetize the trend as an investor.