Becoming Minimalist

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The Empty Promise of Consumerism Summarized On One Receipt

Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

The more we allow the empty promises of consumerism into our thinking and behaviors, the more common and accepted they become. At some point, they need to be exposed. At some point, we need to take a stand against them.

Own Less Stuff. Solve More Problems in the World.

Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

Once you realize there are pursuits in life that result in longer-lasting personal satisfaction than collecting physical possessions, you understand 100% of minimalism.

Space Budgets: A Simple Tool for Minimalist Living

Andrea Dekker  |  Becoming Minimalist

The next time you feel the need for more storage space, consider instead implementing a space budget and simply storing less.

7 Daily Habits to Change Your Life Forever

Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

Most of these habits can be completed in just a few minutes each day. And each of them I have seen personally alter the trajectory of my life.

The Ultimate Guide To A No-Buy Year

Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

With the new year approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about adopting a no-buy year challenge. Here are several examples of people who took one on to help inspire you to see what approach works best.

Ten 5-Minute Actions to Help Your Finances

Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

Here are ten quick actions I encourage you to take today. Each of these steps can be taken right now, before even putting down your phone or closing your computer.