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Why I Don’t Care About Our Home’s Market Value (Nor Should You)

Jim Wang  |  Best Wallet Hacks

Everyone seems to think that a higher home value is better. But unless you’re selling your home, higher home values means you pay more for a lot of different things in ways you probably didn’t anticipate.

The Augusta Rule 280A Tax Loophole

Jim Wang  |  Best Wallet Hacks

If you rent out your home for 14 or fewer days a year, you do not have to pay taxes on this income. Here’s the kicker – it doesn’t matter how much rental income you bring in.

Kakeibo: A Japanese Mindful Budgeting System

Josh Patoka  |  Best Wallet Hacks

The primary goals of this system are to make a pen-and-paper budget to quickly track spending and find ways to save money. The intent is to create a manageable household budget that only takes a few minutes to complete. 

What To Do During a Credit Score “Cheat Day”

Jim Wang  |  Best Wallet Hacks

If you don’t need your credit score for a loan, it’s really not that important. You may want to consider a credit score cheat day!

Are You Ready to Retire? Probably Not

Jim Wang  |  Best Wallet Hacks

Retirement isn’t the end of work. It’s simply the end of being required to work. This is more of a mental transition than a financially driven one.

How I Use These 7 Cognitive Biases to Improve My Money & Life

Jim Wang  |  Best Wallet Hacks

We all have cognitive biases. This is why habits are so important. They’re like biases in your behavior that you put into place on purpose.