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The Lifestyle of the Scrap Happy

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I get rewarded twice for thriftiness. First, I get the immediate reward of an item at a severely discounted price, if not free. Second, I collect tiny moments of resilience.

A Squawk & A $50 Rock

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My sinking fund, nicknamed adulting adventures, contains all manner of adulting tasks from insurance and registration to possible repairs to my car, phone, and laptop. It’s an annual slush fund for all the things that go to orderly chaos.

4 Wacky Ways to Save

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I am fortunate that my restless saving syndrome causes lucrative savings. By lucrative I mean, small and cute. I find it fun to repurpose, reuse, or wear out items just a little bit more.

My Credit Card Was Hijacked & All I Got Was This Lousy Post

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The criminal had somehow taken my card on impressive spending sprees from Colorado to Vegas to Tampa. The thieves had managed to do more traveling with my card in an hour than I’d done all year!

Finding Freedom in Frugality

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The options may be different, but they don’t feel less. Life is still vibrant with knowledge, fun, and creativity, but it comes with a frugal price tag I am happy to pay.

A Retire Admire

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Finding an early retirement couple awoke my inner espionage. I began gradually unleashing my powers of inquisition. As I started unpacking their story, I was surprised that it began with death.