Can I Retire Yet?

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Assessing Your Financial Health

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

As our family enters a new phase of life with less income and less margin for error, I’m going to start tracking some of these metrics. They include assessments of total wealth, liquidity, debt burden, savings rate, and retirement preparedness.

An Early Retirement Tax Planning Checklist

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

After a few years of learning by doing, I’ve developed a system that minimizes ongoing thought, effort, energy, and most importantly… taxes we owe. Here is our tax-planning process and checklist.

The Best Retirement Calculators

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

Here is a curated list of what I consider to be the best available calculators. I’ve categorized them into three levels of “fidelity” – how well each calculator can potentially reproduce reality.

Adjusting Early Retirement Plans After the Death of a Spouse

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

Emily and her husband David retired early in June 2018. Less than 2 years later, David succumbed to a battle with glioblastoma (GBM), an aggressive and lethal brain tumor.

I Bonds vs. TIPS: Which is Better?

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

While TIPS are superior to I Bonds in certain situations, I Bonds have clear advantages over TIPS in other situations. This is particularly true in our current environment with extremely low interest rates.