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Seven Lessons From Two Years of Financial Freedom

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If you are letting work get in the way of the things that are “important” to you, then they probably aren’t that important anyway. Quitting your job won’t automatically change you.

How to Have Negative Health Insurance Costs

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As of this month, I’m pleased to announce that we are officially getting paid to have health insurance. Let’s examine the wild and crazy ride of our health insurance budgeting. Strap in.

Value Spending: How to Really Save Money

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We used to worry about every dollar spent. But then we learned to stop fretting and live well through value spending, putting our efforts where it matters most.

The Bold & Beautiful Roth Conversion Ladder

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The Roth Conversion is the tried-and-true go-to method for accessing retirement money early. Is this complicated? Hell yeah, dude. It’s complicated. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, dude. It’s worth it.

Charles Sheldon: FIRE Before It Was Cool

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Sheldon could have enjoyed a life of retired luxury, with cigars, billiards, and velvet robes. He chose a grueling path of wilderness living and subsequent years of intense lobbying efforts to preserve that wilderness.