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Do You Have Control Over Your Money?

Mindy Crary  |  Creative Money

Do you think your money situation is a result of your circumstances, or instead, a result of your actions and behaviors? Your answer to that question can predict your progress to wealth, earning power, stress levels, and more.

Financial Planning is Not an Emergency

Mindy Crary  |  Creative Money

Most people think financial planning is about NOT doing something — not spending as much, mostly — but it’s really about permission. Permission to have a vision.

Using Law of Attraction on Your Debt

Mindy Crary  |  Creative Money

LOA is about managing your energy and working on your life from the inside out. It’s a great tool for understanding how you WANT to feel when it comes to your money vs. focusing on what currently frustrates you.

What Do You Want Your Money To Be For You?

Mindy Crary  |  Creative Money

How you describe your metaphor is how you describe your relationship to money. It can be useful to help a person clarify the emotional dynamics that hold them back from a better money relationship.