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7 Books That Make You a Better Human

Darius Foroux  |  DariusForoux.com

I’ve read hundreds of books in my life. But there are 7 that inspired me to be better. I can honestly say that I’ve changed my life and behavior for the better after reading these books.

Are You Saving Too Much Money?

Darius Foroux  |  DariusForoux.com

About six months before my dentist died in a motorcycle accident, he gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

What I Would Do If My Net Worth Went to $0

Darius Foroux  |  DariusForoux.com

If you go to bed and wake up every day with an uneasy feeling in your gut that tells you life is uncertain, I hope the steps in this article will give you a roadmap.

Every Experience Is Worth Having

Darius Foroux  |  DariusForoux.com

When you’re drinking a cup of coffee, pretend this is the last time in your life you will drink coffee. After your last cup, coffee beans will vanish from the planet.

Become a Millionaire… With 500 Bucks a Month

Darius Foroux  |  DariusForoux.com

Investing is not a goal, activity, or task; it’s a habit. It’s something you do regularly, just like you work out, meditate, read, or anything else that takes time to yield results.

The Stoic Path to Wealth

Darius Foroux  |  DariusForoux.com

In my experience, investing is 9% theory, 1% execution, and 90% managing your emotions. That’s why I’ve been applying the philosophy of Stoicism to my investing strategy – it helps me to manage the most important part: emotions.