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Ten Things the “Makers” of the FIRE Movement Don’t Want You to Know

Big Ern  |  Early Retirement Now

After 5 years of our Safe Withdrawal Rate Series, what have I learned? What do I think others in the FIRE community are missing? What can you learn here that you may not have seen elsewhere? Let’s take a look…

Stealth Frugality

Big Ern  |  Early Retirement Now

Be frugal all you want, but most people also benefit from splurging a little bit and leaving at least a few strategic “breadcrumbs” to the outside world to signal a degree of “normalcy.”

The Emergency Fund: It’s Still Useless!

Big Ern  |  Early Retirement Now

The 2020 recession is a perfect example of the lunacy of the emergency fund invested in a money market account. Let me explain why…

Why Our Emergency Fund Is Exactly $0.00

Big Ern  |  Early Retirement Now

If the financial planner guild didn’t already have high blood pressure before, they probably keeled over with a cardiac arrest just about now when they see that we use a line of credit as our emergency fund.