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Why I Never Maxed Out My 401(k)

Leandra Peters  |  Female In Finance

The fees within my 401(k) were so stupid high it set my iMac on fire, made me dry heave, and obliterated my immune system. I dramatically broke up with it and started dating my hot taxable brokerage account.

It’s Not About The Cards You’re Dealt, It’s About The Hand You Play

Leandra Peters  |  Female In Finance

If you start feeling a bit stuck on your journey to financial freedom, remember this: as long as you are still in the game, anything is possible. How are you going to play your hand?

Does Money Buy Happiness?

Leandra Peters  |  Female In Finance

It didn’t matter how much f*cking money I had. I was so despondent that I considered assisted suicide. I’ve never been to prison, but I’d imagine prison feeling similar.