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Budgets and Boat Life

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Boat FIRE involves chaining a bunch of cruise itineraries together. I mapped out how much it would cost to live on a cruise ship for a year using pricing from real itineraries I could book back to back. 

Disney FIRE

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After quitting our jobs and selling almost all of our possessions (including our house and one of our two cars) we moved over a thousand miles away to sunny Florida to live the Disney FIRE Lifestyle.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Achieving FIRE

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This is a post for all those out there who are interested in learning more about FIRE. Perhaps those just starting out on their journey but don’t know where to actually start.

Life in 2040

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Every four years, the National Intelligence Agency puts together a lengthy report that makes various predictions twenty years out. A series of bets being made by experts in various fields and consolidated into one document.

The Great Motivator

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Why don’t we strive to live our best lives now? In every moment? Why do we wait for something major to happen before we make a change for the better?