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How We Misanalyze Indulgences

Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

There’s no such thing as “just” a cup of coffee or “just” a Peloton subscription. Those expenses are part of a larger picture that includes our other spending and our investments.

Beyond Stealth Wealth: Going on Offense

Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

Stealth wealth is the practice of hiding our income and wealth from other people.  It might be mind-blowing that a person might have money and not want to be flashy like a Kardashian, but that’s kind of the idea.

Are You Misusing The 4% Rule?

Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

Applying the 4% rule without taking these things into account is probably not going to leave us enough money to actually retire. It’s just not. Here are two ways to go a little further and actually end up with enough…

Rethinking the Big Financial Killers

Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

In the FIRE/personal finance community, it’s no big secret that the best way to turbo charge your savings on the road to financial independence is to slash expenses in the Big Financial Killers categories:  housing, transportation, and restaurant food.

Let’s Raise a Glass to Small Cars

Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

Small cars don’t get enough credit, especially in this weird society that’s obsessed with Bigness. I believe our problem in the US is that our Starting Point is off.

Adventure FIRE

Mrs. FCB  |  Financial Chain Breakers

With an entirely separate pot of money set aside for early retirement adventures, I have the freedom to spend that account down to $0 doing whatever the hell I want.