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How I Gave Myself Permission To Try

Kevin  |  Financial Panther

It’s been over two years since I quit my job and started following a different path, making a living using my own wits, rather than relying on an employer. It’s not a glamorous life, but it’s an enjoyable one.

The Reverse Latte Factor

Kevin  |  Financial Panther

The Reverse Latte Factor is an important thought experiment about how impactful small amounts of extra money added up consistently over time can be to your finances.

Do The Weird Things Now Because One Day You Won’t Be Able To

Kevin  |  Financial Panther

You never know what your future will look like, but more likely than not, it’ll get harder to live life out of the ordinary as your life gets more complicated. Do the weird things while you’re able to!

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought Is An Ebike

Kevin  |  Financial Panther

The first step to replacing a car is actually replacing the car. And doing that means getting over that initial friction of putting yourself on a bike.

Why I Don’t Have A FI Number Anymore

Kevin  |  Financial Panther

We don’t have to wait around to hit the magic FI number before we go do the things we want to do. Instead, we can figure out what we want now and create a life that lets us do that.

The Unexpected Benefit of Earning Less Money Each Year

Kevin  |  Financial Panther

I didn’t go into my career with the plan to try to earn a lower salary each year. That said, it made my transition to self-employment a lot easier because the income I had to replace was much less.