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How to Use Barriers and Pre-commitment to Do the Right Things With Your Money

J.D. Roth  |  Get Rich Slowly

Because we’re human, we each have weaknesses. As I started to master my money, I discovered ways to “tie myself to the mast”, to resist temptation.

Amazon Brand Detector

J.D. Roth  |  Get Rich Slowly

Amazon cheats search results by crowding out better and cheaper products in favor of its own stuff. Give this browser extension a whirl that makes it easier to detect when these search results have been manipulated.

Series I Savings Bonds: A Safe Investment With a High Return

J.D. Roth  |  Get Rich Slowly

I have never purchased a savings bond. That’s about to change. Right now, I like them better than a savings account or CD!

The Power of Low Expectations

J.D. Roth  |  Get Rich Slowly

Just as you can increase your saving rate by improving income and/or lowering expenses, you can deliberately increase your happiness by improving your circumstances and/or lowering your expectations.

Start Where You Are

J.D. Roth  |  Get Rich Slowly

I have to remind myself: It’s not a competition. I ought not compare myself to others — or to my past self. My sole goal should be a better person tomorrow than I am today.