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Dream Rebalancing

Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

I think there comes a time in one’s life when dream rebalancing must be done. There’s simply not enough room in life to accommodate all of our dreams.

The Case For Anti-Optimization

Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

Sometimes the least time-efficient way to go about something is the most efficient way to go about life.

My Pincer Movement to FI

Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

A pincer movement only works when both wings work in unison to encircle the enemy. If the left or right wings falter or move too fast, the attack will fail.

It’s Not a Mistake Till It’s Poured

Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

Losing money isn’t fun. It’s even worse when you lose someone else’s money. But If you catch a mistake before anyone notices, is it even a mistake?

Unicorns and Keynesian Economics

Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

Personally, I’ve struggled with spending because I’m trying to save as much as I can. But if I can think of spending as a source of good that we can share with others, it makes it a lot easier.

Coffee Chats: How We Maintain a 50% Savings Rate

Noel  |  Happily Disengaged

Once a month or so my wife and I have a money meeting. On any given Saturday morning, we’ll make our way downstairs, cat burglar-like, to the kitchen to plot our escape from the workforce.