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Intersectional Personal Finance: What It Is and Why It Matters

Tori Dunlap  |  Her First $100k

Intersectionality is not a dirty word. It’s an absolute necessity, especially when it comes to money. Money buys power in this world, and we’ve stolen that power from so many marginalized groups.

5 Things You Can Do This Fall to Improve Your Finances

Tori Dunlap  |  Her First $100k

We’re in the final leg of 2021 –– don’t give up, keep saving and investing, keep learning, and keep kickin’ financial ass all the way into 2022.

Breaking Down Dave Ramsey’s Advice

Tori Dunlap  |  Her First $100k

I am all for attacking debt like it kicked your mother, but this advice is unrealistic and borderline cruel. You should not shame yourself into being miserable just because you have debt.