Humble Dollar

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Country: United States
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Life’s a Circus

Larry Sayler  |  Humble Dollar

I applied to both the Wharton MBA program and Clown College. To my surprise, I was accepted by both. The decision was easy. I turned down Wharton to go to Clown College.

Name That Bias

Greg Spears  |  Humble Dollar

The mental shortcuts that humans take aren’t random, but show persistent “leans” or biases. That’s good news. It means many can be identified and countered if we slow down and think a bit harder.

Crocs and Cats

Jim Wasserman  |  Humble Dollar

A man became upset when he realized his home had been invaded by crocodiles. He went to a local store to ask for a solution. The salesman enthusiastically proffered his answer: kittens. 

The Future Seen

Greg Spears  |  Humble Dollar

I recommended an index fund to the magazine’s readers only that one time. As my editor explained, if we endorsed index funds, we’d have nothing to put on next month’s cover.

Dress Parade

John Goodell  |  Humble Dollar

I think my cost per wear will be no more than $1 a day. That’s slightly better than average, with a much lower environmental impact than cycling through the latest fashions.

A Real Saint

Greg Spears  |  Humble Dollar

She wanted to end child labor. She wanted to create a minimum wage. She wanted limits on working hours. And she wanted a system of pensions that would provide dignity to workers in old age.