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Chainsaws and Credit Cards

JL Collins  |  JLCollinsnh

Like that first chainsaw when I was 18, when I first picked up the card I had no understanding of the danger, only of the intoxicating power.

A Guided Meditation For When the Stock Market Is Dropping (Video)

JL Collins  |  JLCollinsnh

The market is plunging. You’re starting to panic. You want to hit the “sell” button! DON’T! Tune into this relaxing meditation, and let the soothing voice of JL Collins help you embrace this wonderful market cycle.

The Top 9 (Bad) Arguments Against Bitcoin

Lucas  |  JLCollinsnh

Today I want to look at the most common arguments against Bitcoin that you are likely hearing every day. Note I said, the “most common” arguments. These are not even remotely the best arguments against Bitcoin.

Investing for Seven Generations

JL Collins  |  JLCollinsnh

I no longer think of this money as mine. I think of myself as its custodian. My first role is to nurture it and see it grow. My second role is to educate my heirs in these principles.